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Baseball Hall of Fame

Greg Maddux's Hall plaque won't have a team logo. (AP)

Work ethic, determination root of success for inductee Maddux

Greg Maddux said he never thought much about his place in history or the Hall of Fame. But he'll enter Cooperstown on Sunday -- along with longtime teammate Tom Glavine and manager Bobby Cox, plus Frank Thomas, Tony La Russa and Joe Torre -- as a slam-dunk selection and one of the greatest pitchers of all-time. More »

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Sights & Sounds
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La Russa excited for induction Watch >
Cox on Hall of Fame induction Watch >
Thomas excited for induction Watch >
Glavine on Cooperstown Watch >
Torre excited about induction Watch >
Hall of Fame's 75th Anniversary Watch >
2014 Hall of Fame announcement Watch >
Behind the scenes with Big Hurt Watch >
Thomas' opening statement Watch >
Glavine gives opening statement Watch >
Maddux honored by HOF vote Watch > on Morris falling short Watch >
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