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PG: indicates perfect game
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American League

 Pitcher Date Result
Felix Hernandez08-15-2012Tampa Bay at Seattle, 1-0 (PG) Coverage >
Kevin Millwood (6),
Charlie Furbush (2/3),
Stephen Pryor (1/3)
Lucas Luetge (1/3)
Brandon League (2/3)
Tom Wilhelmsen (1)
06-08-2012Los Angeles at Seattle, 1-0 Coverage >
Jered Weaver05-02-2012Minnesota at Los Angeles, 9-0 Coverage >
Philip Humber04-21-2012Chicago at Seattle, 4-0 (PG) Coverage >
Ervin Santana07-27-2011Los Angeles at Cleveland, 3-1 Coverage >
Justin Verlander05-07-2011Detroit at Toronto, 9-0 Coverage >
Francisco Liriano05-03-2011Minnesota vs. Chicago, 1-0 Coverage >
Matt Garza07-26-2010Tampa Bay vs. Detroit, 5-0 Coverage >
Dallas Braden05-09-2010Oakland vs. Tampa Bay, 4-0 (PG) Coverage > MLB.TV Game of the Year - Games of the Year, 2009 - 7/23/09: Rays at White Sox
Mark Buehrle07-23-2009Chicago vs. Tampa Bay, 5-0 (PG) Coverage > MLB.TV Game of the Year - Games of the 

Year, 2009 - 7/23/09: Rays at White Sox
Jon Lester05-19-2008Boston vs. Kansas City, 7-0 Coverage >
Clay Buchholz09-01-2007Boston vs. Baltimore, 10-0 Coverage >
Justin Verlander06-12-2007Detroit vs Milwaukee, 4-0  Coverage >
Mark Buehrle04-18-2007Chicago vs Texas, 6-0  Coverage >
Derek Lowe04-27-2002Boston vs Tampa Bay, 10-0 Coverage >
Hideo Nomo04-04-2001Boston at Baltimore, 3-0
Eric Milton09-11-1999Minnesota vs Anaheim, 7-0
David Cone07-18-1999New York vs Montreal, 6-0 (PG)
David Wells05-17-1998New York vs Minnesota, 4-0 (PG)  
Dwight Gooden05-14-1996New York vs Seattle, 2-0
Kenny Rogers07-28-1994Texas vs California, 4-0 (PG)
Scott Erickson04-27-1994Minnesota vs Milwaukee, 6-0
Jim Abbott09-04-1993New York vs Cleveland, 4-0
Chris Bosio04-22-1993Seattle vs Boston, 2-0
Bret Saberhagen08-26-1991Kansas City vs Chicago, 7-0
Wilson Alvarez08-11-1991Chicago at Baltimore, 7-0
Bob Milacki (6),
Mike Flanagan (1),
Mark Williamson (1)
Gregg Olson (1)
07-13-1991Baltimore at Oakland, 2-0
Nolan Ryan05-01-1991Texas vs Toronto, 3-0  
Dave Stieb09-02-1990Toronto at Cleveland, 3-0
Dave Stewart06-29-1990Oakland at Toronto, 5-0
Nolan Ryan06-11-1990Texas at Oakland, 5-0
Randy Johnson06-02-1990Seattle vs Detroit, 2-0
Mark Langston (7)
Mike Witt (2)
04-11-1990California vs Seattle, 1-0
Juan Nieves04-15-1987Milwaukee at Baltimore, 7-0
Joe Cowley09-19-1986Chicago at California, 7-1
Mike Witt09-30-1984California at Texas, 1-0 (PG)  
Jack Morris04-07-1984Detroit at Chicago, 4-0
Mike Warren09-29-1983Oakland vs Chicago, 3-0
Dave Righetti07-04-1983New York vs Boston, 4-0
Len Barker05-15-1981Cleveland vs Toronto, 3-0 (PG)  
Bert Blyleven09-22-1977Texas at California, 6-0
Dennis Eckersley05-30-1977Cleveland vs California, 1-0
Jim Colborn05-14-1977Kansas City vs Texas, 6-0
John Odom (5),
Francisco Barrios (4)
07-28-1976Chicago at Oakland, 2-1
Vida Blue (5),
Glenn Abbott (1),
Paul Lindblad (1),
Rollie Fingers (2)
09-28-1975Oakland vs California, 5-0
Nolan Ryan06-01-1975California vs Baltimore, 1-0
Nolan Ryan09-28-1974California at Minnesota, 4-0
Dick Bosman07-19-1974Cleveland at Oakland, 4-0
Steve Busby06-19-1974Kansas City at Milwaukee, 2-0
Jim Bibby07-30-1973Texas at Oakland, 6-0
Nolan Ryan07-15-1973California at Detroit, 6-0
Nolan Ryan05-15-1973California at Kansas City, 3-0
Steve Busby04-27-1973Kansas City at Detroit, 3-0
Vida Blue09-21-1970Oakland vs Minnesota, 6-0
Clyde Wright07-03-1970California vs Oakland, 4-0
Jim Palmer08-13-1969Baltimore vs Oakland, 8-0
Catfish Hunter05-08-1968Oakland vs Minnesota, 4-0 (PG)
Tom Phoebus04-27-1968Baltimore vs Boston, 6-0
Joel Horlen09-10-1967Chicago vs Detroit, 6-0
Dean Chance08-25-1967Minnesota at Cleveland, 2-1
Steve Barber (8 2/3)
Stu Miller (1/3)
04-30-1967Baltimore vs Detroit, 1-2
Sonny Siebert06-10-1966Cleveland vs Washington, 2-0
Dave Morehead09-16-1965Boston vs Cleveland, 2-0
Jack Kralick08-26-1962Minnesota vs Kansas City, 1-0
Bill Monbouquette08-01-1962Boston at Chicago, 1-0
Earl Wilson06-26-1962Boston vs Los Angeles, 2-0
Bo Belinsky05-05-1962Los Angeles vs Baltimore, 2-0
Hoyt Wilhelm09-20-1958Baltimore vs New York, 1-0
Jim Bunning07-20-1958Detroit at Boston, 3-0
Bob Keegan08-20-1957Chicago vs Washington, 6-0
Don Larsen10-08-1956*New York vs Brooklyn, 2-0 (PG)
Mel Parnell04-14-1956Boston vs Chicago, 4-0
Bobo Holloman05-06-1953St. Louis vs Philadelphia, 6-0
Virgil Trucks08-25-1952Detroit at New York, 1-0
Virgil Trucks05-15-1952Detroit vs Washington, 1-0
Allie Reynolds09-28-1951New York vs Boston, 8-0
Allie Reynolds07-12-1951New York vs Cleveland, 1-0
Bob Feller07-01-1951Cleveland vs Detroit, 2-1
Bob Lemon06-30-1948Cleveland at Detroit, 2-0
Bill McCahan09-03-1947Philadelphia vs Washington, 3-0
Don Black07-10-1947Cleveland vs Philadelphia, 3-0
Bob Feller04-30-1946Cleveland vs New York, 1-0
Dick Fowler09-09-1945Philadelphia vs St. Louis, 1-0
Bob Feller04-16-1940Cleveland at Chicago, 1-0
Monte Pearson08-27-1938New York vs Cleveland, 13-0
Bill Dietrich06-01-1937Chicago vs St. Louis, 8-0
Vern Kennedy08-31-1935Chicago vs Cleveland, 5-0
Bob Burke08-08-1931Washington vs Boston, 5-0
Wes Ferrell04-29-1931Cleveland vs St. Louis, 9-0
Ted Lyons08-21-1926Chicago at Boston, 6-0
Howard Ehmke09-07-1923Boston at Philadelphia, 4-0
Sam Jones09-4-1923New York at Philadelphia, 2-0
Charlie Robertson04-30-1922Chicago at Detroit, 2-0 (PG)
Walter Johnson07-01-1920Washington at Boston, 1-0
Ray Caldwell09-10-1919Cleveland at New York, 3-0
Dutch Leonard06-03-1918Boston at Detroit, 5-0
Babe Ruth (0),
Ernie Shore (9)
06-23-1917Boston vs Washington, 4-0
Bob Groom05-06-1917St. Louis vs Chicago, 3-0
Ernie Koob05-05-1917St. Louis vs Chicago, 1-0
George Mogridge04-24-1917New York at Boston, 2-1
Ed Cicotte04-14-1917Chicago at St. Louis, 11-0
Dutch Leonard08-30-1916Boston vs St. Louis, 4-0
Joe Bush08-26-1916Philadelphia vs Cleveland, 5-0
Rube Foster06-21-1916Boston vs New York, 2-0
Joe Benz05-31-1914Chicago vs Cleveland, 6-1
Earl Hamilton08-30-1912St. Louis at Detroit, 5-1
George Mullin07-04-1912Detroit vs St. Louis, 7-0
Ed Walsh08-27-1911Chicago vs Boston, 5-0
Smokey Joe Wood07-29-1911Boston vs St. Louis, 5-0
Chief Bender05-12-1910Philadelphia vs Cleveland, 4-0
Addie Joss04-20-1910Cleveland at Chicago, 1-0
Addie Joss10-02-1908Cleveland vs Chicago, 1-0 (PG)
Frank Smith09-20-1908Chicago vs Philadelphia, 1-0
Dusty Rhoads09-18-1908Cleveland vs Boston, 2-1
Cy Young06-30-1908Boston at New York, 8-0
Bill Dinneen09-27-1905Boston vs Chicago, 2-0
Frank Smith09-06-1905Chicago at Detroit, 15-0
Weldon Henley07-22-1905Philadelphia at St. Louis, 6-0
Jesse Tannehill08-17-1904Boston vs Chicago, 6-0
Cy Young05-05-1904Boston vs Philadelphia, 3-0 (PG)
Nixey Callahan09-20-1902Chicago vs Detroit, 3-0
* Game 5, 1956 World Series

National League

 Pitcher Date Result
Tim Lincecum06-25-2014San Francisco vs. San Diego, 4-0  Coverage >
Clayton Kershaw06-18-2014Los Angeles vs. Colorado, 8-0  Coverage >
Josh Beckett05-25-2014Los Angeles at Philadelphia, 8-0 Coverage >
Henderson Alvarez09-29-2013Miami vs. Detroit, 1-0 Coverage >
Tim Lincecum07-13-2013San Francisco at San Diego, 9-0 Coverage >
Homer Bailey07-02-2013Cincinnati vs. San Francisco, 3-0 Coverage >
Homer Bailey09-28-2012Cincinnati at Pittsburgh, 1-0 Coverage >
Matt Cain06-13-2012San Francisco vs. Houston, 10-0 (PG)   Coverage >
Johan Santana06-01-2012New York vs. St. Louis, 8-0   Coverage >
Roy Halladay10-06-2010*Philadelphia vs. Cincinnati, 4-0   Coverage >
Edwin Jackson06-25-2010Arizona at Tampa Bay, 1-0  Coverage >
Roy Halladay05-29-2010Philadelphia at Florida, 1-0 (PG) Coverage > MLB.TV Game of the Year - Games of the 

Year, 2010 - Roy Halladay's No-hitter
Ubaldo Jimenez04-17-2010Colorado at Atlanta, 4-0 Coverage > MLB.TV Game of the Year - Games of the 

Year, 2010 - Ubaldo Jimenez's No-hitter
Jonathan Sanchez07-10-2009SF vs. San Diego, 7-0 Coverage > MLB.TV Game of the Year - Games of the 

Year, 2009 - Jonathan Sanchez's No-hitter
Carlos Zambrano09-14-2008Chicago vs. Houston, 5-0 Coverage >
Anibal Sanchez09-06-2006Florida vs. Arizona, 2-0  Coverage >
Randy Johnson05-18-2004Arizona at Atlanta, 2-0 (PG)  Coverage >
Roy Oswalt (1),
Pete Munro (2 2/3),
Kirk Saarloos (1 1/3),
Brad Lidge (2),
Octavio Dotel (1),
Billy Wagner (1)
06-11-2003Houston at New York (AL), 8-0  Coverage >
Kevin Millwood04-27-2003Philadelphia vs SF, 1-0  Coverage >
Bud Smith09-03-2001St. Louis at San Diego, 4-0
A. J. Burnett05-12-2001Florida at San Diego, 3-0
Jose Jimenez06-25-1999St. Louis vs Arizona, 1-0
Francisco Cordova (9),
Ricardo Rincon (1)
07-12-1997Pittsburgh vs. Houston, 3-0 (10)
Kevin Brown06-10-1997Florida at San Francisco, 9-0
Hideo Nomo09-17-1996Los Angeles at Colorado, 9-0
Al Leiter05-11-1996Florida vs Colorado, 11-0
Ramon Martinez07-14-1995Los Angeles vs Florida, 7-0
Kent Mercker04-08-1994Atlanta at Los Angeles, 6-0
Darryl Kile09-08-1993Houston vs New York, 7-1
Kevin Gross08-17-1992Los Angeles vs San Francisco, 2-0
Kent Mercker (6)
Mark Wohlers (2),
Alejandro Peña (1)
09-11-1991Atlanta vs San Diego, 1-0
Dennis Martinez07-28-1991Montreal at Los Angeles, 2-0 (PG)
Tommy Greene05-23-1991Philadelphia at Montreal, 2-0
Terry Mulholland08-15-1990Philadelphia vs San Francisco, 6-0
Fernando Valenzuela06-29-1990Los Angeles vs St. Louis, 6-0
Tom Browning09-16-1988Cincinnati vs Los Angeles, 1-0 (PG)  
Mike Scott09-25-1986Houston vs San Francisco, 2-0
Bob Forsch09-26-1983St. Louis vs Montreal, 3-0
Nolan Ryan09-26-1981Houston vs Los Angeles, 5-0
Charlie Lea05-10-1981Montreal vs San Francisco, 4-0
Jerry Reuss06-27-1980Los Angeles at San Francisco, 8-0
Ken Forsch04-07-1979Houston vs Atlanta, 6-0
Tom Seaver06-16-1978Cincinnati vs St. Louis, 4-0  
Bob Forsch04-16-1978St. Louis vs Philadelphia, 5-0
John Montefusco09-29-1976San Francisco vs Atlanta, 9-0
John Candelaria08-09-1976Pittsburgh vs Los Angeles, 2-0
Larry Dierker07-09-1976Houston vs Montreal, 6-0
Ed Halicki08-24-1975San Francisco vs New York, 6-0
Phil Niekro08-05-1973Atlanta vs San Diego, 9-0
Bill Stoneman10-02-1972Montreal vs New York, 7-0
Milt Pappas09-02-1972Chicago vs San Diego, 8-0
Burt Hooton04-16-1972Chicago vs Philadelphia, 4-0
Bob Gibson08-14-1971St. Louis at Pittsburgh, 11-0
Rick Wise06-23-1971Philadelphia at Cincinnati, 4-0
Ken Holtzman06-03-1971Chicago at Cincinnati, 1-0
Bill Singer07-20-1970Los Angeles vs Philadelphia, 5-0
Dock Ellis06-12-1970Pittsburgh at San Diego, 2-0
Bob Moose09-20-1969Pittsburgh at New York, 4-0
Ken Holtzman08-19-1969Chicago vs Atlanta, 3-0
Don Wilson05-01-1969Houston at Cincinnati, 4-0
Jim Maloney04-30-1969Cincinnati vs Houston, 10-0
Bill Stoneman04-17-1969Montreal at Philadelphia, 7-0
Ray Washburn09-18-1968St. Louis at San Francisco, 2-0
Gaylord Perry09-17-1968San Francisco vs St. Louis, 1-0
George Culver07-29-1968Cincinnati at Philadelphia, 6-1
Don Wilson06-18-1967Houston vs Atlanta, 2-0
Sandy Koufax09-09-1965Los Angeles vs Chicago, 1-0 (PG)
Jim Maloney08-19-1965Cincinnati at Chicago, 1-0 (10)
Jim Bunning06-21-1964Philadelphia at New York, 6-0 (PG)
Sandy Koufax06-04-1964Los Angeles at Philadelphia, 3-0
Ken Johnson04-23-1964Houston vs Cincinnati, 0-1
Juan Marichal06-15-1963San Francisco vs Houston, 1-0
Don Nottebart05-17-1963Houston vs Philadelphia, 4-1
Sandy Koufax05-11-1963Los Angeles vs San Francisco, 8-0
Sandy Koufax06-30-1962Los Angeles vs New York, 5-0
Warren Spahn04-28-1961Milwaukee vs San Francisco, 1-0
Warren Spahn09-16-1960Milwaukee vs Philadelphia, 4-0
Lew Burdette08-18-1960Milwaukee vs Philadelphia, 1-0
Don Cardwell05-15-1960Chicago vs St. Louis, 4-0
Sal Maglie09-25-1956Brooklyn vs Philadelphia, 5-0
Carl Erskine05-12-1956Brooklyn vs New York, 3-0
Sam Jones05-12-1955Chicago vs Pittsburgh, 4-0
Jim Wilson06-12-1954Milwaukee vs Philadelphia, 2-0
Carl Erskine06-19-1952Brooklyn vs Chicago, 5-0
Cliff Chambers05-06-1951Pittsburgh at Boston, 3-0
Vern Bickford08-11-1950Boston vs Brooklyn, 7-0
Rex Barney09-09-1948Brooklyn at New York, 2-0
Ewell Blackwell06-18-1947Cincinnati vs Boston, 6-0
Ed Head04-23-1946Brooklyn at Boston, 5-0
Clyde Shoun05-15-1944Cincinnati vs Boston, 1-0
Jim Tobin04-27-1944Boston vs Brooklyn, 2-0
Lon Warneke08-30-1941St. Louis at Cincinnati, 2-0
Tex Carleton04-30-1940Brooklyn at Cincinnati, 3-0
Johnny Vander Meer06-15-1938Cincinnati at Brooklyn, 6-0
Johnny Vander Meer06-11-1938Cincinnati vs Boston, 3-0
Paul Dean09-21-1934St. Louis vs Brooklyn, 3-0
Carl Hubbell05-08-1929New York vs Pittsburgh, 2-0
Dazzy Vance09-13-1925Brooklyn vs Philadelphia, 10-1
Jesse Haines07-17-1924St. Louis vs Boston, 5-0
Jesse Barnes05-07-1922New York vs Philadelphia, 6-0
Hod Eller05-11-1919Cincinnati at St. Louis, 6-0
Fred Toney05-02-1917Cincinnati at Chicago, 1-0 (10)
Tom Hughes06-16-1916Boston vs. Pittsburgh, 2-0
Jimmy Lavender08-31-1915Chicago at New York, 2-0
Rube Marquard04-15-1915New York vs Brooklyn, 2-0
George Davis09-09-1914Boston vs Philadelphia, 7-0
Jeff Tesreau09-06-1912New York at Philadelphia, 3-0
Nap Rucker09-05-1908Brooklyn vs Boston, 6-0
Hooks Wiltse07-04-1908New York vs Philadelphia, 1-0 (10)
Nick Maddox09-20-1907Pittsburgh vs Brooklyn, 2-1
Big Jeff Pfeffer05-08-1907Boston vs Cincinnati, 6-0
Mal Eason07-20-1906Brooklyn at St. Louis, 2-0
John Lush05-01-1906Philadelphia at Brooklyn, 6-0
Christy Mathewson06-13-1905New York at Chicago, 1-0
Chick Fraser09-18-1903Philadelphia at Chicago, 10-0
Christy Mathewson07-15-1901New York vs St. Louis, 5-0
Noodles Hahn07-12-1900Cincinnati vs Philadelphia, 4-0
Deacon Phillippe05-25-1899Louisville vs New York, 7-0
Vic Willis08-07-1899Boston vs Washington, 7-1
Walter Thornton08-21-1898Chicago vs Brooklyn, 2-0
Red Donahue07-08-1898Philadelphia vs Boston, 5-0
Jim Hughes04-22-1898Baltimore vs Boston, 8-0
Ted Breitenstein04-22-1898Cincinnati vs Pittsburgh, 11-0
Cy Young09-18-1897Cleveland vs Cincinnati, 6-0
Bill Hawke08-16-1893Baltimore vs Washington, 5-0
Bumpus Jones10-15-1892Cincinnati vs Pittsburgh, 7-1
Ben Sanders08-22-1892Louisville vs Baltimore, 6-2
Happy Jack Stivetts08-06-1892Boston vs Brooklyn, 11-0
Amos Rusie07-31-1891New York vs Brooklyn, 6-0
Tom Lovett06-22-1891Brooklyn vs New York, 4-0
Charlie Ferguson08-29-1885Philadelphia vs Providence, 1-0
John Clarkson07-27-1885Chicago vs Providence, 4-0
Pud Galvin08-04-1884Buffalo at Detroit, 18-0
Larry Corcoran06-27-1884Chicago vs Providence, 6-0
Hugh Daily09-13-1883Cleveland at Philadelphia, 1-0
Old Hoss Radbourne07-25-1883Providence at Cleveland, 8-0
Larry Corcoran09-20-1882Chicago vs Worcester, 1-0
Pud Galvin08-20-1880Buffalo at Worcester, 1-0
Larry Corcoran08-19-1880Chicago vs Boston, 6-0
Monte Ward06-17-1880Providence vs Buffalo, 5-0 (PG)
Lee Richmond06-12-1880Worcester vs Cleveland, 1-0 (PG)
George Bradley07-15-1876St. Louis vs Hartford, 2-0
* Game 1, 2010 NL Division Series