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Bucs scouting director analyzes draft
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06/04/2002 9:21 pm ET 
Bucs scouting director analyzes draft
By Ed Eagle /

Pirates' round-by-round picks

Pirates scouting director Ed Creech's analysis of the club's Nos. 2-22 picks:

2. Blair Johnson, rhp, Washburn Rural High School
Everybody who went to see this guy was very impressed. He's got a ceiling left and he's got some work to do. But he is a good athlete and a potential power arm.

3. Taber Lee, ss, San Diego State University
We thought at one time that he might have priced himself out of the draft. One time he told our guys that maybe he just wanted to wait until next year. He changed his mind at the last minute and we are very happy about that. We like his schorstop abilities. Lucky for us.

4. Wardell Starling, rhp, Elkins HS
He's a good athlete. A lot of teams like him as a hitter, also. I saw him pitch twice this year. I am very impressed with the kid. He is very composed. This kid has a chance to be a real good starting pitcher in the big leagues.

5. Alexander Hart, rhp, Florida University
He got hurt (in the past) and had some arm surgery. (Florida coach) Pat Mc Mahon has done a wonderful job with him. I saw him in high school and I saw him pitch three times this year. I couldn't believe the difference. The guy had really improved his arm action. I am really impressed with his composure and just the way he went about his business.

6. Bradley Eldred, 1b, Florida International University
We drafted him because he has a potential power bat. FIU has a great program and they've got some guys out of FIU who have done well in pro ball and in the big leagues. We're hoping he can carry on that tradition.

7. Matthew Capps, rhp, Robert S. Alexander HS
We see him as another potential starting pitcher. He is a unique kid because he caught and pitched. You never know what kind of potential these guy's arms have once you let them (focus) on pitching. I saw him a few times this year and we've got a potential starter in the big leagues.

8. Robert Kingsbury, cf, Fordham
We had a tryout here and he came over and impressed us. We just like his business-like approach. He threw the ball well, ran well and just seems like he is going to be a solid guy.

9. Joseph Hicks, cf, Forest Brooks HS
All the reports that we have is that this guy has got a high ceiling. He is an athlete who needs to learn how to play the game but he is definitely a good athlete.

10. David Davidson, lhp, Dennis Morris HS
He is a high school pitcher out of Canada. We have been impressed with his curveball and his projectability.

11. Anthony Bocchino, of, Marist College
He is a senior. We think he is a unique bat. All the reports really like his bat.

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12. Brian Holliday, lhp, Moon Area HS
We had him here to work out and he threw a nice curveball. He is another projection left-handed pitcher. He'll be another good acquisition for us.

13. Christopher Cunningham, C, Arizona University
We needed a kid that would go in and be able to handle our pitchers at Williamsport. He was a guy we thought could do that. He is from a big-time college and those types of guys are good acquisitions when you are drafting that way.

14. John Smith, 2b, Middle Georgia JC
We had a couple of guys who really liked his bat. He is a junior college kid. He is a potential offensive second baseman type.

15. Jonathan Schneider, rhp, Liberty University
He is kind of a side-armer down there that we hope will develop and come on strong.

16. John Hummel, lhp, Schaumburg HS
He is another projection left-handed pitcher with a good curveball.

17. Chris Demaria, rhp, California State University
I was with (scout) Mike Kendall watching another kid pitch at Cal State-Long Beach and this guy came in. We were very impressed with his control, his composure and his ability to pitch.

18. Jeffery Watchko, rhp, Georgia Tech
We had good reports on him as far as his pitching ability out of Georgia Tech.

19. Herbert Andres, rhp, W.J. Mout SS
He is another big, projectable kid. He is a loose arm and a Canadian from way up there in the snow country.

20. Russell Bayer, lhp, Miami University
He is a left-hander who is a touch-and-feel guy. He is From Miami of Ohio and they've had some good teams.

21. Chris Holt, rhp, Flagler College
Another right-hander, kind of a control kid. He is one of those guys who knows how to pitch.

22. Paul Harp, rhp, Middle Georgia
We are probably going to draft and follow him. Our reports are very good and he is just a freshman and still has another year of junior college.

Ed Eagle covers the Pirates for and can be reached at This story was not subject to the approval of Major League Baseball or its clubs.

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