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Chat Transcript - Kip Wells
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07/03/2002 2:45 pm ET 
Chat Transcript - Kip Wells

Kip Wells says you can call him "Kipper," but "Skip" is wearing thin on him. (AP Photo/Gene Puskar)
Pirates pitcher Kip Wells answered questions from fans during a live online chat on Wednesday, July 3. Here is a transcript of the chat session.

Moderator: Kip is here to answer your questions

PirateFan11: You've had a very successful season so far, by any measure. However, are there things you believe you need to improve upon? What are they?

KIP WELLS: I'm always trying to get better regardless of my performance on any given outing. there are always things you can do to get better. I'm trying to work on my command and variance on pitches. Like changing speeds on my curveball. I need to continue to work on my fielding as well as contributing at the plate, like moving runners and just helping our team win. You've got to do everything that you can by being able to bunt and field and change speed on all of your pitches.

ilovebucs: Hey Kip who could you say is your best buddy on the team?

KIP WELLS: Josh Fogg. I was with him at the White Sox and throughout most of my minor league career. Sean Lowe and I are good friends too, he's more of a father figure. He's been around a little longer and has had a lot of experiences I encounter now. I can go to him for advice and counsel on a lot of things.

jsandoval: You pitched in relief for the first time in your professional career last season. Did you enjoy that and how was it different from starting?

KIP WELLS: At first I didn't like coming to the park not knowing if I was going to throw. But over the course of the year I grew to enjoy it and it gave me a different perspective on how to go after different hitters. It made me realize you don't have to be too perfect to get people out. As long as your aggressive and on the attack then you have a little more room and if you're tentative you get you...

cardinal91: What are your plans for the All-Star break?

KIP WELLS: Just go home and try to relax a little bit. Go to the beach with my girlfriend. Try to enjoy a few days off and stay ready for my next start, I think it will be in Milwaukee.

marineers1: Are you afraid of any of the batters you face?

KIP WELLS: No. However there are certain hitters that tend to give you more trouble than others, that are tougher outs. Certain guys you need to make a perfect pitch and they still find a way to put it in play.

maxer3004: What is your favorite place to be when your not playing baseball?

KIP WELLS: Probably either sitting on the couch watching TV and relaxing, or out on the golf course playing golf.

paddyoc: What is it like as a pitcher to have to very good middle infielders (Jack Wilson and Pokey Reese) behind you?

KIP WELLS: They take away hits. They seem to get to balls that you wouldn't think the play will get made on. Not to mention that they turn double plays when you think you'll only get one out. It really helps knowing that because you can be more aggressive.

kipurule: What do you tell yourself if you aren't pitching well at first?

KIP WELLS: If I give up some runs early, I just try to put it behind me and put up as many zeroes as I can, hoping that our offense will score and hoping that I'm still around when they do.

PirateFan11: What do you see as the reason for your improvement between last year with the White Sox and this year. Has Spin Williams made a big difference?

KIP WELLS: Yes. Spin has improved my ability to go out there and be aggressive. His style is a little different, in that he minimizes my thinking that goes into how to get people out. He has confidence in Jason Kendall, that he'll call a good game. I trust that, and I go out there and try to get people out instead of over thinking.


KIP WELLS: Have fun with it. Give your best effort every time out and try to only do what you can do. Don't try to overthrow, over swing. That's how I find myself getting into trouble.

paddyoc: Do your teammates still call you `Skip`?

KIP WELLS: Yes. Some of them do. My dad always called me Kipper growing up. No one has caught on to that yet. Skip is hanging on longer than I would like.

BlackGoldAngel: What was the feeling like when you lost the no hit bid

KIP WELLS: It was a little frustrating, but I felt fortunate to have the no-hitter for as long as I did. I didn't feel like my stuff was anything special. The defense played good behind me. Hopefully I'll have another chance. I would have taken a win over a no-hitter.

ilovebucs: If you didn't go into baseball, what profession would you like?

KIP WELLS: Probably some entrepreneurial business that I'm in charge of.

BucsKendall18: How's your golf game?

KIP WELLS: Not as good as it should be. I'm a hacker.

bravesjohn: How would you pitch to Barry Bonds?

KIP WELLS: High and tight. And down and away.

ValaREESE: which ball park would you say is your favorite to pitch in ?

KIP WELLS: Probably PNC Park right now. It's a fair ballpark. Well hit balls are well hit balls. You just have to keep them hitting them in the right gaps.

YanksNets7: Mr. Wells, who was your biggest influence growing up?

KIP WELLS: My dad or my mom. They were both integral parts of my childhood.

pirate32: I wanted to say hello and ask you how you like Pittsburgh in comparison to Chicago.

KIP WELLS: Baseball-wise, I'm obviously enjoying it more than Chicago, but Chicago is a good town, too. I enjoyed playing there.

bravesjohn: Is there a difference in how you pitch in the NL versus how you pitched in the AL?

KIP WELLS: Yes. It's just a different brand of baseball. It's true baseball. It's not a three-run homer league. The 8 and 9 hole hitters are usually weaker, instead of a guy like Edgar Martinez.

ilovebucs: Did you know Darryl Kile in any way???

KIP WELLS: No. We had mutual friends. It was very unfortunate to realize that a person's life can be taken at any time. With that in mind, you have to lead your life knowing that you treat people the way you want to be treated and have always been a good person.

Moderator: Thanks everyone. Kip has to go out to field now. We'll see you at the next chat on and

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