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08/30/2011 3:24 PM ET
Pirates Announce 2012 Ticket Prices
Pirates Tickets Remain Among the Most Affordable in Baseball
tickets for any Major League Baseball game
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The Pittsburgh Pirates today announced the details of their 2012 ticket pricing. The 2012 season will see the first ticket price increase since 2002, the longest stretch of any Major League Baseball team.

The Pirates average ticket price of $15.30 in 2011 was the lowest in Major League Baseball according to Team Marketing Report. Under the Team Marketing Report formula, the 2012 average ticket price will be $16.11. This new price for 2012 would have placed the Pirates as the third lowest average ticket price in baseball in 2011, more than 40-percent below the league average. In the nine years since the Pirates last raised ticket prices, the average ticket price in baseball according to Team Marketing Report has increased more than 40-percent.

"We compete in a much different economic landscape than the one that existed nine years ago and we are committed to making the investments required to continue to build a winning team," said Pirates President Frank Coonelly. "The great support from our fans this season has allowed us to increase our investments in the Club. We will continue to reinvest our resources in our team, as we did with the recent acquisitions made at the trade deadline, our recent draft signings and the extension of Jose Tabata."

"We particularly appreciate the loyal support of our season ticket holders. They have been with us through the hard times. As a result, we have held season ticket prices to the smallest increases, thus resulting in even larger savings off the individual prices than in previous seasons," said Coonelly. Full season plan holders will receive a savings between 14-percent and 50-percent off of the individual ticket price, and an average savings of 27-percent.

"We also ensured that Pirates baseball remains a tremendous value for families by keeping more than a third of the ballpark priced at $20 or less for individual ticket buyers, including some seats as low as $10," said Coonelly.

In 2012, a family of four can sit in the upper grandstand between the bases for a total of only $32 ($10 for each adult ticket and $6 for each kid priced ticket), which is $20 less than those same seats cost in 2011 ($16 for adults and $10 for kids ticket).

"For full season ticket buyers, more than 50-percent of our tickets are priced at less than $20 per ticket, while more than 30-percent of our seats can be purchased for less than $10 per ticket," Coonelly added. The Pirates maintained the lowest price point and one of the best deals in all of professional sports with the $399 Value Plan, which is only $4.93 per ticket per game. The Club also created a new Value Plan in the Lower Outfield Box for only $1,299 ($16.04 per game) in 2012; these same seats had been $21 for full season ticket holders in 2011.

Please see the 2012 season PNC Park seating and pricing grid for more details.

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