I'm ecstatic to be a part of this Red Sox team. I have not only joined the team with the best record in baseball, but I play for the team I grew up rooting for.

To come to a playoff contender was the main reason I signed here. I knew Boston was interested in me from the get-go after I was designated for assignment. They showed interest the whole time.

There is always pressure when you, as a new player, come to a new team. The fact that this team is in the playoff hunt makes it no different. Playing meaningful games in September definitely makes the season worth it. To perform, to have a chance to make the playoffs and to win a championship is why we're all here.

I have experience with the Twins and with Oakland in the postseason, so that will help me.

My goal when I first got here was to make a good impression. Boston is a big market with lots of fans, and those fans have a lot of passion. If I come here and play my game, everything will work out fine.

After I signed, I didn't know how long it was going to take before I got the call here to Boston. They wanted me to get some at-bats at Triple-A Pawtucket so I could see some pitching. I had been sitting around for 20 days, so I was hardly game ready.

As it turned out, I needed those at-bats. My first game down there was pretty rough. I started to pick things up, though, toward the end. It was good to get some playing time, to do a little running around, and to get game ready again.

Once I got here, I met with manager Terry Francona and we discussed my role. I will mainly play and get my at-bats against lefties, and that's a role in which I've had some success in the past. That will be my primary role and I'm totally happy with it. I'm comfortable in that role.

I also have a new look with my hair. When I got designated by the A's, I went to a short buzz cut. I wasn't really sure I wanted to bring a big red 'fro to a new team. Maybe I'll probably grow it out more once I get more comfortable and established here.

Another good thing about coming to Boston is that I have a lot of family in this area. Even though I'm from California, my dad is from New England, so playing for Boston was something I grew up always wanting to do. My favorite Red Sox player was Roger Clemens and we loved watching Boston when they came to California.

I'm just excited to be a part of this organization. While I'm generally an easy-going, laid-back guy, I'll perform and play hard every opportunity that I get.

Bobby Kielty was signed to a Minor League contract by the Red Sox on Aug. 7 after playing in only 13 games this season with Oakland. He missed a large chunk of time this year due to a calf injury. This is his seventh big-league season.