I didn't really know very much about Upper Deck's 2007 Rookie Edition cards until I checked out the product sheet at UpperDeck.com and got a box. They're pretty cool.

You have the regular base cards of 100 of the usual MLB stars. Then you have 40-50 different rookies who are featured in eight different subsets. In every pack, there are four rookie cards. So the fun with this box is trying to put together all the MLB rookie sets.


14 Packs per hobby box, eight cards per pack, four rookies per box, two autographs per box.

Here's what I got in my box:

Fifty-four MLB base cards, 21 of 42 SP rookie edition cards complete, seven of the 1995 rookie design, seven of the 1993 rookie design, and 21 of the 1996 rookie card design. My autograph cards were Kevin Slowey and Kevin Kouzmanoff.

My thoughts on 2007 UD Rookie Edition:

Well, if you like MLB rookies, this is definitely a set for you. You get the basic four MLB stars per pack and the rest is a pretty sweet mix of rookies, although I did get five different cards of one rookie. I couldn't believe that in one brand, they would really make five different cards of one guy.

This would be a pretty cool set to build, so set builders might have fun with this one. As for me, I think I might try to trade off some of these and focus on one of the rookie subsets ... let's say the 1996 rookie design subset!