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All dates, times and teams are tentative and subject to change. All times ET.

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
  2FIU1:05pm 3U of M1:05pm   5STL1:05pm 6@BOSTBD 7NYM1:05pm
8@STL1:05pm 9@NYM1:10pm 10WAS1:05pm 11NYM1:05pm 12@MIN1:05pm 13STL1:05pm 14@WAS 1:05pm
15DET1:05pm   17STL 1:05pm 18WAS1:05pm 19@ATL1:05pm 20ATL7:05pm 21@WAS1:05pm
@NYM 1:10pm
22MIN1:05pm 23NYM1:05pm 24BOS1:05pm 25@DET1:05pm 26@STL1:05pm 27@HOU6:05pm 28HOU1:05pm
29@WAS1:05pm 30@NYM1:10pm 31@STL1:05pm 1WAS1:05pm